Method for Implementing MOC Classification via Streak Imaging of Particles


Reference #: 00906

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Potential Applications:

Characterization or classification of phytoplankton

Advantages and Benefits:

Novel method for the characterization of phytoplankton-the method is able to characterize MOEs and mimic linear discriminant analysis (LDA) results based on plankton spectroscopy

Invention Description:

Phytoplanktons are the autotrophic components of the plankton community. They represent the basic organic compounds of natural waters. Their diagnosis and characterization are important for evaluating the ecological status of coastal seawater areas. While there are different methods for the characterization of phytoplankton, the subject invention is a unique method for classifying or discriminating phytoplankton based on their fluorescence excitation spectra using linear discriminant analysis in which the discriminant factors are embodied in Multivariate Optical Elements [MOEs]-a type of thin film interference filter.

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