(Micro-RNA) Manipulation of Gene Expression Via the Micro-RNA Pathway


Reference #: 00346

The University of South Carolina is offering sub-licensing opportunities for a plant biotechnology for the regulation of gene expression by using miRNA pathways to silence deleterious or non-desired genes.

Potential Applications

This technology is useful in a variety of situations where it is desirable to control the expression of a specific gene in a plant.

Advantages and Benefits:

  • Can be used to increase the expression of beneficial or desired plant genes and decrease the expression of deleterious or undesired plant genes

  • Provides an alternative to the use of RNA silencing to turn off targeted genes

  • May be used in conjunction with any of four known modulators


The use of HC-Pro to suppress RNA silencing has been long established. This technology adds an exciting new component for manipulating gene expression.

Invention Description:

This technology allows the regulation of the expression of specific genes in plants by mechanisms that involve microRNAs. It allows the user to design a gene to produce a transcript that is processed through the miRNA pathway to produce a miRNA that is complimentary to the targeted RNA. The miRNA can then alter the production, processing, stability, and translation of the targeted RNA and, thereby, alter the expression of the protein product of the targeted RNA. This technology can be used to turn off the expression of specific, targeted genes, providing a better alternative to the use of RNA silencing.

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