Augmentation of cryoablation using a thermally responsive nanocapsule for controlled drug delivery


Reference #: 00782

Invention Description:

This invention is a product and method to integrate cryoablation with controlled drug delivery using a thermally responsive nanocapsule to achieve complete cancer destruction in the iceball and simultaneously minimize the systemic drug cytotoxicity. Because of characteristics specific to the nanocapsule, a significant drug release into the cytosol of cancer cells can be achieved under cryoablation, which can significantly augment cryoinjury to ensure complete destruction of the whole frozen tumor.

Potential Applications:

Augmented cryoablation has the potential to become the primary alternative to surgical intervention (the current gold standard) for the treatment of cancer, the leading cause of mortality for people under 80 years old. The proposed procedure represents a significant reduction in the total cost of health care delivery because augmented cryoablation’s minimally invasive nature eliminates the necessity of anesthesia and hospital stay for radical surgery.

Advantages and Benefits:

  1. The thermally responsive nano-capsule mediated intracellular delivery is much more efficient than most nanoparticles;

  2. The nano-capsule with a cross linked polymer surface is more structurally stable than liposomes and their derivatives;

  3. Release of the nano-encapsulated drug is controllable (i.e., by cooling/heating);

  4. The thermal responsiveness of the nano-capsule can be used to avoid drug sequestration and degradation in the endosome/lysosome system;

  5. The nano-encapsulated form of an anticancer drug is much less toxic than its free form when applied systemically;

  6. Nano-capsule synthesis and drug encapsulation processes can be separated which minimizes destabilization of the drug by organic solvents and/or high temperature associated with direct encapsulation of drug during synthesis of liposomes or other nano-particles;

  7. Cryoablation is minimally invasive in breast conservation procedures, causing less discomfort and less cosmetic damage compared with mastectomy, lumpectomy and hyperthermic ablation;

  8. The augmentation of drug to cryoinjury ensures complete destruction of all frozen tissue in an iceball making it more accurate to monitor the ‘kill zone’ using intraoperative ultrasound imaging to avoid cancer recurrence.

Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
Controlled drug delivery using a thermally responsive nanocapsule to augment cryoablation Utility United States 12/714,931 3/1/2010      
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