Modulation of Delta Opioid Receptor Expression for Pain Management


Reference #: 00766

Invention Description:

The invention involves the use of a human herpes simplex virus as a vector to decrease expression of Delta Opioid Receptors (DORs) in Dorsal Root Ganglia (DRG) neurons as a treatment for acute and chronic pain and to enhance opioid analgesia.

Potential Applications:

Decreasing expression of DORs should increase the endogenous pain-suppressing mechanism, leading to a reduction in pain. This approach will allow for direct reduction of pain as well as a reduction in the dose of opioid required to produce analgesia, thus limiting opioid-associated side effects.

Advantages and Benefits:

In addition, decreasing expression of DOR will increase the apparent potency of opioid drugs, allowing lower doses to be used for pain control and reducing adverse effects.

Patent Information:
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