Methods for Making Layered Mixed-Metal Phosphonates for High Dielectric Strength Polymer Nanocomposites


Reference #:  00732



Commercially available, off-the-shelf capacitors simply cannot meet the extreme requirements of current and future industrial or military applications for intense, transient sources of high voltage pulse power.  With the layered mix-metal phosphonates, current problems are overcome. 


Invention Description:

It is well known that polymer-filler interfaces limit capacitor performance. The subject invention consists of polymer nanocomposite dielectrics that alleviate this limitation. This technology is composed of mixed-metal phosphonates, which were synthesized from high dielectric oxides of the formula ABO3 and organophosphonic acids of the formula RPO3H2, where R = methyl, octyl, and phenyl.  These materials readily disperse into toluene, allowing easy fabrication of polystyrene-mixed-metal phosphonate nanocomposites.


Potential Applications: 

The technology presents the opportunity for the use of nanocomposites capable of meeting increasingly extreme energy storage needs. These would function in the energy storage systems of aircraft, spacecraft, and other mobile devices.


Advantages and Benefits: 

This technology, with phenyl groups added, is a better dispersion of the compound into toluene.  Also, the dielectric permittivity of the PS composites increases with the better dispersion of the dielectric material. Mixed-metal phenyl phosphonates exhibit improved dielectric behavior compared to the single metal phenyl phosphonates.

Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
Layered Mixed-Metal Phosphonates for High Dielectric Strength Polymer Nanocomposites Utility United States 12/705,761 8,080,600 2/15/2010 12/20/2011 2/15/2030  
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