A Novel Test Methodology and Design for Integrated Antennas


Reference #: 01357


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For testing on-chip antennas, the existing method is to set up radiation test. Current methods are costly, slow, and unsuitable for large volume production tests.


Invention Description:

This invention is a novel technique that can significantly increase the testability of communication, sensor, and radar circuitry that have antennas integrated on the same chip as the transmitter and receiver circuit. It can greatly reduce test time and test cost of the integrated antenna while simplifying the test configuration, without impact on the functionality and performance of the tested antenna. Moreover, the test data obtained enables quantitative defect diagnosis and characterizations, and the test structure can provide an additional impedance tuning capability between the integrated antenna and communication circuits.


Potential Applications:

The invention can be used in high frequency communication and sensing systems, including 5G wireless communications, 77 GHz vehicle anti-collision radar, THz sensing and imaging systems, and other systems that have integrated antennas. The invention can be sold as a test solution to end-users (e.g., circuits and system manufacturers).


Advantages and Benefits:

This new on-chip test methodology leverages antenna test efficiency and throughput, and can significantly reduce test costs. Further, performance improvements can be achieved with the additional impedance tuning capability.




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