Histamine Synthesis Inhibitors for Depression Treatment


Reference #: 01328

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Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are not effective for the majority of people who take them. It has been found that serotonin levels in mice are low during depression, and administration of SSRIs do not effectively increase serotonin levels as they would in animals that are not depressed. It was discovered that this is due to a modulatory relationship between serotonin and histamine (histamine inhibits serotonin), because histamine levels are increased during depression.


Invention Description:

A novel application of a histamine synthesis inhibitor.


Potential Applications:

By applying a specific agent that inhibits histamine synthesis, SSRIs are able to effectively increase serotonin levels in those suffering from depression.


Advantages and Benefits:

One in five Americans take antidepressants, and this invention has the capacity to significantly improve antidepressant efficacy.


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