Xanthohumol Modulates Calcium Signaling in Rat Ventricular Myocytes: Possible Antiarrhythmic Properties


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The University of South Carolina is offering licensing opportunities for using a method that facilitates harnessing Antiarrhythmic properties from the anti-oxidant Xanthohumol




Cardiac arrhythmia is a major cause of mortality in cardiovascular pathologies. A host of drugs targeted to sarcolemmal Na+, Ca2+, and K+ channels have had limited success clinically. Recently, Ca2+ signaling has been target of pharmacotherapy because evidence suggests that leaky ryanodine receptors elevate local Ca2+ concentrations, causing membrane depolarizations that trigger arrhythmias. The inventor (and his team) set out to determine if xanthohumol (an antioxidant extracted from hops), known to show therapeutic effects in other pathologies, may have antiarrhythmic properties by stabilizing ryanodine receptors’ activity.


Invention Description:


The subject invention is a determination that xanthohumol, an anti-oxidant member of the chalcone family, selectively suppresses the frequency of spontaneously occurring Ca2+ sparks and Ca2+ transients, or those triggered by electrical overdrive, low extracellular K+, and adrenergic beta-agonists exposures in ventricular myocytes at nano-molar concentrations. Since aberrant intracellular Ca2+ signaling is associated with a host of cardiac pathologies, including arrhythmias, it is likely that xanthohumol might have a therapeutic potential in treatment of arrhythmias.


Potential Applications:


The stabilizing effects of xanthohumol on the frequency of spontaneously triggered Ca2+ sparks and waves combined with its anti-oxidant property, without significant effects on Na+ and Ca2+ channels, may provide this compound with clinically desirable antiarrhythmic properties.


Advantages and Benefits:


Xanthohumol suppresses the aberrant spontaneous activity of the RyR2, and as such may serve as a candidate for treatment of arrhythmia.








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Xanthohumol in Antiarrythmic Applications Utility United States 15/496,022 9,980,925 4/25/2017 5/29/2018   Issued
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