Manufacture of Fiber Reinforced Engineering Thermoplastic Filament for 3D Printing


Reference #: 01164

The University of South Carolina is offering licensing opportunities for fiber reinforced thermoplastic parts composed of continuous filament.

Invention Description:

The subject invention allows the controlled manufacture of continuous fiber reinforced plastic filament. This filament can be used in combination with a dedicated 3D printer to print continuous fiber reinforced parts which are superior to the unreinforced plastic parts printed with the current generation of 3D printers.

Advantages and Benefits:

Current printers allow printing of continuous fiber polymer but so far do not allow printing of continuous fiber reinforced engineering thermoplastics. This limits the application of these printers and the products printed with these printers to low performance applications.

Potential Applications:

  • 3D printing ready-for-use, continuous fiber reinforced engineering thermoplastic parts
  • Future 3D printing of high performance, industrial parts


Unreinforced polymer 3D printed parts do not comply with stiffness and strength requirements for aircraft parts. This subject invention uses continuous fiber reinforcement to meet those requirements. It allows the printing of fibers in different directions in the plane perpendicular to the hotbed. This enables the creation of real composite parts that cannot be produced with traditional 3D printers based on printing layer by layer, and therefore, allowing only fibers in the cross-sectional plane.

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