Emodin as a Therapy for Metastatic Cancers


Reference #: 01066

The University of South Carolina is offering licensing opportunities for this novel anti-cancer therapy.

Invention Description:

Cancer growth and metastasis are dependent on the properties of cancer cells as well as other cells in the tumor. Macrophages are the most important immune cells in tumors and promote tumor growth and metastasis. Studies have shown that emodin, a Chinese herb-derived single compound, can inhibit macrophage infiltration in the tumor and diminish their ability to promote tumor metastasis. Emodin’s effects on tumor associated macrophages and on cancer metastasis have not been investigated until now. This invention presents as a novel method that targets tumor microenvironment to halt metastasis, therefore potentially reducing cancer-related death.

Advantages and Benefits:

  • Emodin has been proven to be a safe and effective therapy for multiple inflammatory diseases in China.

  • Currently there are no approved therapeutic agents for the treatment of cancer patients by suppressing macrophage's metastasis-promoting function.


Cancers, including breast cancer, are a major cause of death worldwide. Most of cancer patients die from metastatic disease. Current therapies for cancers are almost exclusively targeting cancer cells directly, while strategies are under development to manipulate tumor microenvironment.

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