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The University of South Carolina is offering licensing opportunities for this novel technology that helps reduce contact transference of infectious diseases from handheld devices.

Invention Description:

This present invention is a flexible, see-through, woven cover or sock made of a permeable, see-through material for use with handheld devices, such as remote controls. The cover is treated with antimicrobial material to prevent the transfer of bio-active contamination, and provides a physical barrier between the user’s skin and the handheld device that prevents contact transference of biologically active materials from the device to the user.

Advantages and Benefits:

·      The material is permeable, allowing temporary or additional antimicrobial or other disinfection treatment while installed.

·      The device is very small, being easily packaged and is highly travel-able.

·      The device is low cost.

·      The cover is washable and economically manufactured, so as to be disposable or re-usable.

·      The device is very easy to install and is effective at reducing contact transference of infectious disease.

Potential Applications:

The invention would be used for the prevention of transmission-related infectious diseases, associated with commonly used handheld devices that utilize a user interface, such as a television remote control or mobile phone or the like.


Infectious disease transmission, by way of contact transmission, is a significant problem.  The most important and frequent mode of transmission of nosocomial infections is by direct contact. Contact transmission may occur either through direct contact with an infected person (direct contact transmission), or may occur by way of indirect contact transmission, which involves contact of a susceptible host with a contaminated intermediate object that is typically in a public or common area of usage.  These contact surfaces are often easily contaminated and may represent vectors for contamination that can lead to the spread of disease through contact transference of contamination.  The invented device prevents such transmission by

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