Designing Infant and Toddler Environments (chapters 5-15)


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Potential Applications:

BASICspaces improves the quality of spaces where children grow, learn, and play.

Advantages and Benefits:

BASICspaces has already improved the quality of over 80 child care centers in South Carolina.

Invention Description:

BASICspaces is a three-pronged early care and education intervention program that improves the quality of spaces where children grow, learn, and play. The project, which stands for Building Academic Success in Childhood Spaces, is grounded in the latest research on the environmental impact on learning, child growth and development, and early care and education teacher training.

BASICspaces works in close collaboration with early care and education providers to address all aspects of the early learning environment—from physical features of a room to interactions among children, parents, and care-teachers. The project provides training and mentoring for center directors and care-teachers. It also remodels the early learning classrooms.

Recent research shows statistically significant improvement in the quality of participating child care centers as measured by the Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale.

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