Norma Frizzell

Norma Frizzell, Ph.D. 
School of Medicine 
University of South Carolina 

Dr. Frizzell is an assistant professor in the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. Her research interest is in a recently discovered post-translational modification of proteins known as S-(2-succino) cysteine (2SC), also termed protein succination. Protein succination occurs when fumarate (from the Krebs cycle) reacts with cysteines to form the irreversible modification 2SC. Her research team has studied this modification in the adipocyte during diabetes extensively. She is also interested in other conditions, which lead to increased fumarate – including cancers derived from mutations in the gene for fumarate hydratase. She is currently investigating the mechanisms of glucotoxicity in the adipocyte in order to understand the association between mitochondrial stress and an increase in protein succination. Dr. Frizzell received her Ph.D. from The Queens University of Belfast, N. Ireland.
Immunohistochemical screen that determines tumors with fumarate hydratase mutations
Detection of Succination as a Measure of Fumarate Ester Efficacy
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