Kevin Huang

Kevin Huang, PhD.
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
University of South Carolina

Dr. Huang is
an associate professor whose research interests include solid oxide electrochemical cells, storage batteries, gas separation membranes, solid state defect chemistry, and electrochemistry. He completed his B.Sc. (1989) and M.Sc. (1982) at the Northeast Institute of Technology in Shenyang, China, and proceeded to complete his Ph.D. jointly with the University of Science and Technology in Beijing and the University of Pennsylvania.

Composite Mixed Carbonate Ions and Electrons Conducting Membranes and Reactors for CO2 Separation and Capture
Mixed Carbonate-ion and Oxide-ion conducting membranes and reactors for H2 production with zero CO2 emission
A Mixed Proton and Carbonate Ion Conductor
Solid Oxide Redox Flow Battery
Method of Making Redox Materials for Solid Oxide Redox Flow Battery
Method of Making Homogeneously Porous Solid Matrix with Tunable Porosity and Pore Size
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