Antonello Monti

Antonello Monti, PhD.
Department of Electrical Engineering  
University of South Carolina

Dr. Monti is the Associate Director of the Virtual Test Bed project which focuses on computational simulation and visualization of modern power distribution systems that fully integrate power electronics into the network design.

He developed the real-time extension of VTB for Hardware in the Loop applications and in the design of tools supporting the automatic generation of VTB native models. He is currently working on expanding the limits of real-time simulation thanks to the application of PC clusters and FPGA technology.

In the last few years he has been working on the application of GaN components in power electronics systems. This activity is in collaboration with the Microelectronics Lab at USC. Dr. Monti is also interested on the impact of uncertainty in simulation and control systems. He developed original algorithms based on the Polynomial Chaos Theory. Dr Monti is the director of the Real Time and Electromechanics Laboratory (REM Lab)

Design and Integrated Circuit Implementation of a Driver Circuit for GaN HFETs
Predictive Control Algorithm for Power Hardware in the Loop Systems
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